Hoover 9kg Load Condenser Tumble Dryer, Black

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This Hoover HL9DCEB is a freestanding 9KG condenser tumble dryer with sensor drying programmes. A 9KG drum will allow you to dry up to 25 – 30 hand towels in one cycle. Preventing over-drying, sensor drying programmes identify the level of moisture in the drum and automatically stop the cycle when the optimal dryness level has been reached.
This appliance features a reverse action. By separating your garments as they’re drying, the drum helps to reduce creasing.

Anti-creasing function – this function rotates the drum periodically for up to 2 hours after a cycle has finished, separating your laundry to minimise creases.

Cool down phase – You can comfortably unload your laundry with our cool down phase, which blows cool air into the drum just
before the cycle ends.

One touch technology – This appliance is equipped with One Touch Technology that allows you to interact, via an App, with smart phones based on android and IOS operating systems. Comes equipped with (NFC) Near field communication. Download on your smart phone the Hoover Wizard App.

Small loads – dedicated to even drying for small loads.


• Buy £4 - 3 Year Rent To Buy Contract

• Rent £4 - 18 Month Rental Contract

• Short term contracts available

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