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Hoover HL1572D3 7kg 1500 Spin Washing Machine

Only £3.50 a week

With an A+++ energy rating, this freestanding Hoover washing machine is one of the most efficient models on the market. One Touch connectivity means you can use an unlimited number of programmes, and the 7 kg capacity provides more than enough washing space.

The HL1572D3 comes in a clean white colour to suit any kitchen, and is exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores. You won’t find this fantastic appliance at any other retailer.

Unlimited Programmes
Through the use of a free app, this Hoover washing machine can be connected to your smartphone. It comes with 15 pre-installed programmes to cover a range of fabrics and loads, including:

Rapid 14 Minute Wash
Rapid 30 Minute Wash
Rapid 44 Minute Wash
Daily 59 Minute Wash
Whites and Prewash
Dark Colours
ActivEcho 20°C
Hand wash and Wool

However, the smart HL1572D3 really shines when used with the One Touch app. If your device is connected, you can download additional programmes and build your own custom wash cycles to meet your unique cleaning needs.

You can also use the app to review analytics and stats from your Hoover washing machine. It keeps track of the number of times you have used it, the hours of operation, most used programmes and their average length.

And, the app allows you to set a cycle’s start or finish time via your phone. Come home to freshly cleaned laundry every time with One Touch and the Hoover HL1572D3.

Hoover DXC58BC3 1500 Spin 8KG Washing Machine

Only £4 a week

With an 8kg load capacity, Hoover’s DXC58BC3 Washing Machine offers an ideal size for everyday laundry along with enough space for larger items such as bedding and towels. In addition to its large capacity, the appliance features a 1500 spin speed. This means that more water will be removed and drying time will be cut down, saving you time and energy. At the beginning of the cycle, the intelligent KG Mode determines the quantity of washing. This feature then changes the time, water and electricity consumption depending on the weight of the clothing. Plus, the innovative 3D Dynamic Wash System ensures clothing is cleaned thoroughly and smells fresh. The eye-catching digital display puts you in control and allows you to monitor the progress of each washing cycle. There is also an impressive choice of 19 programmes so that whatever the item you are washing, you will always achieve great results.

Benefits of the Hoover DXC58BC3 Washing Machine

  • 3D Dynamic Wash System provides optimum wash performance.
  • The Intelligent Wash System adjusts the water level according to the type of garment and the amount of washing.
  • Choose when a cycle begins with the delay start function.
  • Hoover’s Inverter Drive Technology makes performance super quiet.
  • Using the variable spin feature you can customise programmes with different spin speeds.